Your Customers Depend On You

Contact East Coast Aviation to find out what we can do to make sure your equipment is ready while you focus on creating a world class customer experience.

Services Offered

- Aircraft Refueler/Tank Truck Repairs

- Fuel Storage Repairs, Installations, &Upgrades

- Meter Repair &Calibration

- Hose Reel Repair

- Filter Change & Disposal

- Tank Cleaning and Inspection

- Equipment Sales & Leasing

- Parts Sales, Hoses, Filters, Decals, & Tools

- SPCC Plans & Designs

- Hydrostatic hose testing

- Pump Repairs

- Aviation Nozzle Rebuilding

- Quality Control Inspections & Audits

- Water Slug Testing

- Millipore Testing

- Fabrication and Welding

- Safety Management System Manuals & Training

How We Can Help

East Coast Aviation is your partner for training, sales, and service of all aviation ground service equipment.  If you need help servicing a GPU, fuel farm, or lav cart, give us a call.  Our factory trained technicians aren't afraid to get dirty.

Take care of your equipment.
It'll take care of you.

Getting your fleet of mobile refuelers, ground power units, and service carts started on the right foot can save you time and money on maintenance for the life of the equipment. When you need training, parts, or service, give us a call. We're here to serve you.

Where To Find Us

We are based in Delaware but travel around North America to serve our customers. Whether you're a grass strip or an international airport, we're ready, willing and able to meet your needs wherever they are.